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What is a masterbatch?

A masterbatch is a solid additive composed of a concentrated mix of pigments, which are encapsulated – during a heat process – into a carrier resin that is then cooled and cut into granules. Masterbatches are used to color raw polymers while manufacturing plastics.

All the colors and effects you need

The skilled team in our laboratory can reproduce any color hue and effect our Clients need, as defined in the design phase – even matching custom samples.

Color matching

We can develop masterbatches that match any desired hue, counter-typing plastic object samples or even varnished items, fabrics, glass and anything else the Client requires.

Always in stock. Black and white masterbatches are available with different color tones, pure pigment concentration and carrier resin. Formulated with an EVA, PE, PST base and with concentration levels of 40-50-70%.

We create any hue to match international standards used in coloring plastics, including RAL and Pantone (PMS). We regularly make colors for major automotive brands, such as IVECO, CNH Industrial, FCA.

Pearlescent colors are often used in the cosmetics industry. We manufacture pearlescent golds, whites, violets, blues and greens, as well as copper-effect colors.

Thanks to our vast experience in colorants for the automotive field, we are able to manufacture aluminum-base masterbatches in different concentration levels and size, according to our Clients’ requirements and desired effects, on top of pastel color masterbatches. This allows us to create the widest range of hues.

We are happy to meet even the wildest requests, creating masterbatches with sparkles in a variety of sizes and colors, according to the desired effect. Our glitter masterbatch formula includes a wide range of fill colors that never interfere with the final result.

Used specifically to color PS, ABS and SAN, we offer a range of different hues within the fluorescent colors we can provide: yellow, green, orange and fuchsia.

A wide range of colors used to mimic glass with most transparent polymers available on the market, such as STAREX, TERLUX, PC, MTCR and PST CRISTALLO. Given the special and delicate process transparent masterbatches require, we use our Clients’ virgin material in consignment.


Most of our production is destined to INJECTION MOLDING and COMPOUNDING, but specific masterbatches are also available for ROTATIONAL and FILM molding. Each masterbatch is formulated according to the Client’s preferred method, always guaranteeing the best performances for any use.

Production process

Our production process begins at the Sales Department, where we assess every detail of your request to guarantee feasibility. Then, if possible, we move on to the design phase to custom create new masterbatches, or directly to mass production for standard options. The process ends in the packaging area, where products are stocked until delivery to the Client. We rigorously check every step in the process, to guarantee high quality, great performances and consistent colors.

Picking the right color is the first step towards creating a specific masterbatch. We can match an international standard (like RAL or Pantone) or your own swatch, and always provide a 2-kg sample so you can conduct any testing on your product before starting final production.

We supply 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500-kg batches, with granules in two possible sizes: standard (3-mm granules) or large (5 mm). The latter is usually employed when coloring ground materials that are more irregular and larger than natural polymers.

The finished product is stocked in our packaging area in boxes, bags or on pallets depending on the Client’s specific needs. Finally, we deliver according to the conditions for the specific order (pick-up from our factory, delivery via courier or with our own personnel).

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Our products can be used with a wide range of different polymers used in different sectors, as well as with the specific formulas required in the food and toy industries.


We have been investing in a solid quality system and in the certification of our production processes for over 20 years. We have achieved the ISO 9001:2015 Certification with Kiwa.

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