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What are additives?

Solid masterbatch additives are used to impart certain properties to plastics. They are composed of a concentrated mix of powder additives, which are encapsulated – during a heat process – into a carrier resin that is then cooled and cut into granules.

Additives allow manufacturers to give raw polymers a variety of properties and characteristics while making plastics and plastic components.

Our range


Sintet F1 manufactures granular expanders used to reduce a product’s density without altering its characteristics. Expanding agents decompose due to heat, developing gases that determine cellulation in the material. These expanding systems allow for variations in density and avoid unwanted “suctions” in the manufacture of plastic items with injection molding.

Molybdenum disulfide

We keep granular molybdenum disulfide always in stock.

This self-lubricating additive for plastics helps achieve a low friction coefficient during the processing phase. It is an essential product for plastics that require a lubricated final product, such as the rails under seats in the automotive industry.

UV stabilizers

UV stabilizers protect polymers from solar radiations, delaying degradation. The latter depends on a variety of factors – including climate, exposure, material’s thickness and the combined use of other additives. Sintet F1 manufactures photo-stabilizing UV stabilizers (UV absorbers) in granular form, in order to make processing and mixing easier for final users.


We have been investing in a solid quality system and in the certification of our production processes for over 20 years. We have achieved the ISO 9001:2015 Certification with Kiwa.

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